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  1. Chickenstew

    Problem with NPC in garrison

    Dzień dobre, garnizon jest wciąż w fazie rozwoju, prosimy o zgłaszanie wszelkich napotkanych błędów do naszego trackera http://tracker.legionbugs.com/my_view_page.php?refresh=true ~chicken
  2. Chickenstew

    Furnace stone error!

    你好! 你必須在蘇拉瑪任務線中取得進一步進展。 如果此問題仍然存在,請使用您完成的最後一個任務上傳到 egammi.com 的屏幕截圖進行遊戲票務。 Hope this helps Chicken
  3. Chickenstew

    Dark night fortress

    你好! 暗夜要塞的第二個翼樓即將開放。 留意我們的不和諧。 ~chicken
  4. Chickenstew

    Bug weekly cheest

    Greethings Dany! Your items will be sent to your mailbox. Hope this helps ~chicken
  5. Chickenstew

    cofre de contendiente semanal

    saludos, para este problema tendras que comunicarte con el bug tracker al http://tracker.legionbugs.com/my_view_page.php que tenga un lindo día ~chicken
  6. Chickenstew

    Botting 101 DH Characters with proof

    Greethings ADB! You have posted this in the wrong section. you may post a topic here. https://forum-uwow-biz.translate.goog/threads/narushiteli-igrovogo-processa.300110/?_x_tr_sl=ru&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=nl&_x_tr_pto=wapp I have it already translated for you. Hope this helps ~chicken
  7. Chickenstew

    985 Boots lost on relog

    Thanks a lot! Balance has arrived. Have a good day
  8. Chickenstew

    985 Boots lost on relog

    Thank you!
  9. Chickenstew

    985 Boots lost on relog

    Greethings, My character is on x100. ~chicken
  10. Chickenstew

    985 Boots lost on relog

    Hello, I bought 985 slippers (700 tokens) from the donate vendor on my 101 TWINK warlock, they sadly dissapeared when i relogged, Then upon next relog they appeared in my mailbox, i'd like them refunded. I also purchased self healing on it (100 tokens) I'm unable to refund them ingame. I won't...
  11. Chickenstew

    Draenor map aranka peak forest task bug!

    Greethings! for this quest you can make a topic on our bug tracker! http://tracker.legionbugs.com/view.php?id=17976 hope this helps ~chicken
  12. Chickenstew

    Shaman artifact task error, unable to get

    Greethings! You didn't add the quest name to your topic! Please make a ticket instead by following the instructions below: You can make a ticket ingame (escape > help > submit bug) with the name of the quest and preferably the wowhead link. This way we will be able to assist you faster. ~chicken
  13. Chickenstew

    Lost bought lady and the child on my 101 twink when relogging

    In the donator shop it clearly says required level 101. Hench why i bought it.
  14. Chickenstew

    Lost bought lady and the child on my 101 twink when relogging

    You don't understand, i WANT to stay level 101 because its a twink (best in slot gear for level 101) if i wanted to be 110 i'd already level up, i have a 110 druid already. so just refund my legendary. https://egammi.com/image/S8VW It's in my mail now, but i can't use it so i'd like it...