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  1. Chickenstew

    985 Boots lost on relog

    Hello, I bought 985 slippers (700 tokens) from the donate vendor on my 101 TWINK warlock, they sadly dissapeared when i relogged, Then upon next relog they appeared in my mailbox, i'd like them refunded. I also purchased self healing on it (100 tokens) I'm unable to refund them ingame. I won't...
  2. Chickenstew

    Lost bought lady and the child on my 101 twink when relogging

    As said above, when you relog as 101 twink with a bought version of lady and the child equipped, (1100 tokens) you lose the item, it's not in the bags, not in the bank, not in the mail. it's just gone, this shouldn't be the case. Atleast give me a refund, or give a lady and the child equippable...