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i transfered my char firestorm to Uwowx100


Hey greetings i have a problem with my Char:
Tantêrakete-uwowx100 i transfered my Char from Firestorm. i lost many items of my Bank like my trinket of Antorus u dont added it. It was on ilvl 1000 and was in my Bank. https://de.wowhead.com/item=154174/golganneths-lebenskraft

i am not sure, that i can get it again. This item can Drop only one time. i have show at this npc with lost items. But i got nothing threre.

I have lost many items. i got a mail with my legendarys and bags of my bank but not the items that was in my Bags. It is okay for me. But the Trinket is heavy lost :X.
i wish i can get it again. i have it replaced with my Tank trinket with this Fharg as Placeholder, but this item is bugged too.

i dont want much, but my wish, that i can get my trinket again. :X and maybe a bit token,s to upgrade this. i have lost my tokens too, and dont got it via mail. all my trinkets was maxed. but if i farm it again so i need 3 months to get it on maxed again...

it will be very cool. if u add me this trinket and a part of this tokens to upgrade this item maybe 7,8 tokens. so i dont need soo much time again. the other part i can buy maybe to support u as thanks.

it is your choice to help me out with this trinket, i know i can farm it maybe again. but u will me help me big out.

it was many work to get all trinkets on 1000... it was one year work :X thats many time u know :3
but i need only one trinket.

the other i can farm it again its not soooo important

Very big thanks for the answer. and sorry for my bad english but i hope u knew what i mean



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Hello! Write the number of the application for which the transfer was made


Hello! Write the number of the application for which the transfer was made

Legion x100Successful2022-05-24 02:22:14